As the requirements changed from conventional to CNC, the company also moved forward and started producing CNC machines, but did not leave behind the interest of small scales industry, which could not afford a CNC machines. SRB Machines, therefore, continues the manufacturing of both conventional and CNC grinding machines. SRB first developed Multi Hole Drilling machine, which could drill one hole per second. This machine was for fast and economical production; resulting in that the piston industry appreciated the same AND SRB secured a good business.

SRB further moved in the development of machines for Engine Valve Industry, where different machines were used to cover various operations for manufacturing / completing the Engine Valves. SRB designed and manufactured following machines:

  • CNC Face and Groove Grinding - CNC Valve Seat Grinding
  • CNC OD & Chamfer Grinding - CNC Stem-End Grinding
  • Top End Drilling

These machines are equipped with Automatic Loading and Unloading System, which not only increase the production but also reduce the men power. These developments of higher efficiency were again appreciated by the industry and made a success resulting in that SRB is supplying these machines to its customers on regular basis. The industry grew and the need of the machine tools also increased. At this point of time the management restructured its manufacturing facilities and with their knowledge / experience they developed CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine. "This technical development was appreciated and rewarded with CMTI-PMT Trust award in the Year 2004". The company is in constant process of developing of machines as required by the industries from time to time.


Machine displayed at Imtex-2004

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