Hydraulic Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Model No. :- GC 125




SRB’s Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machines are designed and manufactured to achieve high accuracies of roundness and Cylindricity of jobs. It has separate Internal and External grinding heads, suitable for both production as well as Toolroom  applications.
Machine Bed:
Close grained Graded casting (FC 25) having box structured adequately Ribbed design, provides very high Rigidity and Thermal stability in Long Run.
Work Head:
The machine has Rigid Universal Work Head. It has an alloy steel Spindle running in unique Hydrodynamic Bearings having self-alignment of clearance for different speeds. During Dead centre grinding a simple adjustment completely eliminates the clearance in the bearing thus providing rigid support to the jobs. The bearing arrangement gives wear free operations.
Wheel Head
The wheel head has a very rigid Spindle running in Hydrodynamic Multi-point Bearings. The Spindle is made of alloy steel, specially heat treated (sub-zero) to achieve high accuracy and stability for long life. Spindle cartridge unit is easily interchangeable.
Internal Grinding Head
Internal Grinding Head is mounted separately on the Infeed slide thus providing a Rigid support to the Spindle giving better Surface finish in grinding. Internal grinding operations can be done after removing External wheel.
Tail Stock:
The Quill is carried in precision preloaded antifriction sleeve and is kept under adjustable spring load. A Dresser block is also mounted on the tailstock body.
Infeed System
The infeed system moves on pre-loaded Linear Guide ways. This guarantees high repetitive accuracy and stick-slip free fine movement of the slide. Infeed is given through an hardened and precision ground cam. Grinding allowance and the required steplessly variable coarse and fine infeed rates can be pre-selected on Automatic versions. The automatic grinding cycle operates as follows. RAPID APPROACH – COARSE FEED – FINE FEED – SPARK OFF – RAPID RETRACTION OF THE WHEEL HEAD AND THE INFEED HAND WHEEL TO THE PRE – SELECTED POSITION. This cycle also starts / stops the work head motor and the coolant motor automatically. The machine is also capable of interfacing with in- process gauging units as options.
The infeed slide is grease-packed for life. The table slide with Turcite is provided with automatic lubrication from Hydraulic system.
Coolant Systems
Variety of coolant filtration systems are available from Baffle tray (standard) to magnetic, paper cum magnetic type filtration systems as optional. “S” Model with Hydraulic Rapid and Table movement & Manual infeed also available.
Infeed Through Stepper Motor
(Only For “E” Models) Wheel infeed is controlled by an electronic control system through a stepper motor drive.
Centre Height mm 125
Grinding Length mm 400
Admit between center mm 600
Max. Weight between centers Kg 25
Table Speed mtr/min 0.1 – 5
Max. Travel mm 400
Min. Auto Travel mm 2.5
Max. Swivel of Table Degree 30
Rapid Approach mm 40
Infeed with handwheel mm 20
Max. plunge depth on Dia. # mm 1.7
Infeed on Dia. (Coarse) # mm/min 0.015-16
Infeed on Dia. (fine) # mm/min 0.015-16
Spark Off Time # sec 0-60
Min. Incremental infeed on Dia. mm 0.001
Grinding Wheel (OD x Width x Bore) mm 300 X 40 X 127
Min. Wheel with Zero Job mm 220
Power kW 2.2
Grinding Speed mtr/sec 30 / 45 *
Spindle Speed (8 Steps) rpm 56-630
Spindle Nose Taper MT 4
Power kW 0.16 / 0.32
Swivel Range Degree 0-90
Quill Travel mm 20
Taper MT 3
Spindle Housing Bore Dia. mm 60 / 80 *
Std. Spindle Speed rpm 18000
Power kW 1.1
Roundness on live spindle (on standard piece Dia. 80mm)
Standard mm 0.002
Special Equipment mm 0.001
Cylindricity over 400mm mm 0.002
Total Power Required kW 4.5
Total Weight approx. kg 1800
NOTE: # Available only with Automatic Version * Optional A Automatic SSemi-Automatic